Winter Getaways That Won’t Break The Bank

Wed, Jan 25, 2012


 Costa Del Sol, Spain.

Your winter escape does not need to be another cold ski resort. There are warm welcoming getaways, calling to your sense of adventure and need for warmth but not to your wallet. With so many New Year’s Holiday Loans still available, why not have some well-earned fun, whilst still saving a bit of your cash and explore these less expensive locales.

The Algarve, Portugal

Sit back and relax is the motto when you arrive in The Algarve, Portugal. In the southernmost region of mainland Portugal, The Algarve’s history dates back to the Neolithic and Palaeolithic periods.  For anyone looking to escape the drudgery, cold, and snow of winter, this is the Mediterranean resort town to visit. A favourite holiday location for the British, there is windsurfing, sailing, snorkelling and scuba diving in this lively resort. The busiest time of year is July and August, so your visit in January and February will meet your needs for relaxation. Take the time to see Lagos (an old inner city filled with history) and Silves (an old red stone castle) and when you stop for refreshment you must try the Piri Piri Chicken (hot and spicy) with a traditional fruity brandy known as Medronho.

Marrakech, Morocco

The former imperial city of Marrakech, also known as Land of God, welcomes to you the northwest African city in the nation of Morocco. Near the foothills of the snow-capped Atlas Mountains, Marrakech is made up of both old fortified city (the medina) and new modern neighbourhoods. After independence in 1955, Marrakech became the destination for hippy expatriates in the 1960 attracting numerous western rock stars and musicians, artists, film directors and actors, models, and fashion divas. This influx paved the way for the explosion of tourism and income into the area. Marrakech features a semi-arid Mediterranean climate, with mild damp winters and hot dry summers. This makes visiting during January and February ideal for those wanting to escape the cold, dreary winters of Europe. There are museums and gardens all throughout Marrakech and the history lover among you will be in heaven. There are many shops and markets for the shopper, but you must stop by the world-renowned spice markets that have been open for centuries. A must know about shopping in Marrakech is the importance of haggling. All prices can be haggled with market proprietors.

Monastir, Tunisia

Culture and history collide in Tunisia to welcome visitor to Monastir with battlements, minarets, cupolas, and mosques. Located on the beach-capped headland near the modern marina, there are plenty of seafood restaurants and bars along the promenade as well as excellent water skiing, windsurfing and fishing facilities and a diving school. While Monastir is busy, bustling and pricey June to August, it is the perfect destination in the winter months of January through March. The prices will be lower and the area will be less crowded. Add this location to your list of must see destinations, you won’t regret it.

Red Sea, Egypt

If you love that heady combination of Arabian Desert bordered by palm-fringed, glittering beaches, then holidays on the Red Sea are for you. A coastal hideaway between the Gulf of Suez and the Sudanese board, the Red Sea is a mountainous coastal area known to mariners and locals for the secluded hermits hiding in the historical Christian monasteries and the camel-trading Bedouin tribes. The Desert areas remain relatively unexplored and serve as home to ibex and gazelle, but the Red Sea itself, dotted with coral reefs, fringed by ancient ports, teeming with underwater life, has a rich maritime history which stretches back to Pharaonic times. Today, the ancient ports are better known as some of the best diving and fishing resorts in the world. Sunbathers relax on white sand beaches, or find shade in the mangrove lagoons that line the coast, while sorcerers explore the reefs. If you are itching to go diving to escape from the winter dreariness, then you need to explore the underwater wonderment of the Red Sea. The living tapestry of vibrant corals and exotic fish are calling to you.

Costa Del Sol, Spain

If all the others fail to inspire you, then we have the Sunny Coast, Coast Del Sol, in Spain. During the cold winters of Europe and the States, tourists will enjoy the subtropical-Mediterranean climate of the province of Málaga. The average temperature in the winter is a little over 62 degrees Fahrenheit. A city filled with culture and rich artistic heritage has culminated in the nomination of Málaga as a candidate for the 2016 European Capital of Culture. The Costa del Sol offers a plethora of breath-taking landscapes, a buffet of delicious food and an experience of warm, welcoming peoples. With rich cultural heritage, fabulous beaches and costal sites, you cannot miss this beautiful winter get away.

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