Why You Should Visit the UK Despite The End of the Olympics

Thu, Sep 6, 2012

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The London Olympic Games was one of the most successful games of modern times and the momentum has not stopped since the ceremony to mark its end. The sense of community and pride that welled within every citizen during the games was utterly contagious and is mirrored by the Paralympic Games which commenced after.

This monumental event brought in thousands more visitors to England’s capital than in previous years but tourists should be reminded that London in itself is a tourist attraction and the things it has to offer alone should not be over looked or enshrouded by the popularity of the games.

To celebrate the glory of London, even when the Olympics are over, here is a list of some of the best things to do in and around the ancient city as well as England as a whole for those who would like to travel further afield:

  • The London Eye is one of the biggest attractions in the city and it is not hard to tell why. Visitors are able to survey London’s iconic riverside and catch a view of some of the most famous landmarks around, there is The Houses of Parliament, The Tower Bridge and Big Ben.
  • There’s The West End were visitors of all ages can enjoy a world-class performance.
  • The breath taking museums and galleries including The National History Museum and The Tate Modern.
  • Outside of London there are various areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty especially within the midlands making holiday cottages in Derbyshire a must for all explorers.
  • For water sports there are of course the plethora of beaches and bays especially in Devon and Cornwall. If you are looking for more inland water sports such as water skiing, why not check out some accommodation for Lake and Peak District cottages from www.derbyshire-cottages.info
  • Britain’s heritage is another of the more interesting aspects to the country, from Stonehenge to the multitude of castles and ancient settlements to Hadrian’s Wall right up on the borders between England and Scotland which itself is littered with remnants of a civil war waging past.

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