Why Buy a Used Car While Travelling in Australia

Wed, Aug 15, 2012

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You’ve kept your nose to the grindstone for months, and now you feel it’s time for some hard-earned vacation… in Australia! Goodness knows you need it. You, and the kangaroos, that is. You want to tour the country, maybe go bush for a couple of days. Cross into Never-Never land, even. But there’s a problem: you want to enjoy some time off from work, but you feel you don’t have enough finances to go about it. The transportation is going to be incredibly expensive. But… who said you need to break the bank in order to take in the sights and get some fresh air? Who said you have to take a piece of work with you on your vacation? Your vacation starts with your selection of conveyance, i.e., the auto that will take you there and back. Why? Here are 5 reasons why to buy a used car while travelling in Australia.

Why to Buy a Used Car While Travelling in Australia - You don’t want to take your regular ride.

So you want to travel. What’s the first thing that comes to mind? A car, of course. But do you need to take your well-maintained (and beloved) Beemer on your roundabout to dingo country? Of course not. What you need is to get a jalopy (well, not exactly) to take the punishments of being your ride while on an adventure tramp to who-knows-where. You want to go to your nearest friendly motor broker and buy yourself a disposable pack mule, er, car, to take on your travel to the wild and back – to the dealership. That, or you can opt for something nicer from John Hughes (just in case you don’t want that pack mule after all).

Why to Buy a Used Car While Travelling in Australia - You don’t have the resources to undo the expected vehicle wear and tear.

When buying a used car, a good place to start will be King Cross in Sydney or Traveler’s Auto Barn, where a typical “backpacker” will set you back $1000 to $5000. Don’t just choose the first one that you lay your peepers on, mind. You will be taking this little piece of work on a rather lengthy tour, remember? It helps to pick a road-worthy vehicle that won’t belly up on you in the middle of nowhere. The cheaper the car, the less reliable it is (probably), since cheap means more fixing and/ or upping. A safe bet is to choose a middle-of-the-road option: not too expensive, now, since the point of the purchase is to take it on tour. Have a mechanic on standby to check the roadworthiness of your old/ new ride.

Why to Buy a Used Car While Travelling in Australia - After your vacation, you would want to get your money back.

Most of it, at least. About 65-70% of the original purchase price would be great. To fetch a high appraisal or resale value for your “touring car”, make sure that all its papers are in order: roadworthiness certificate, deed in your name, Rego papers , etc., to name just a few. Passing Rego will guarantee that your ride is, at the very least, good enough for everyday road use, since it will undergo an inspection before getting the pink slip.

Why to Buy a Used Car While Travelling in Australia - You need to fulfil an overall theme for your adventure.

You drive a sedan to work, but that’s work we’re talking about. At the most, the worst thing you’ll encounter in your daily commute would be a speed bump. In the outback, there are more dirt roads than paved roads so will need an extra pair of wheels for that little bit more muscle requirement thanks to the terrain. A 4×4 fits the bill perfectly. A 4×4 with extra luggage space and that dusty, weather-beaten look, to be exact, will do very well for your foray into scrubland.

Why to Buy a Used Car While Travelling in Australia - You want a new driving experience.

To buy used cars for a couple of weeks’ use is great for all the practical reasons stated, but an oft-overlooked reason for buying is that you may need to take a break from driving a sedan or wagon, which is a regular thing for you if you take it when going to work. You needed a vacation to take a breather from your daily routine. Perhaps your car needs one as well.

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