Tips for Luxury Travel to France While on a Budget

Sat, Nov 17, 2012


Nothing beats a French villa vacation in the most wonderful places in France. Whether it be in the South West of France, the French Riviera, or in the Loire, the experience of a luxury vacation in the beautiful country cannot be matched.

It is a common misconception among travellers to think that a luxury vacation is not something possible that one can do while on a budget. The fact is, if you’re a wise traveller, you would know that luxury travels are not only for the rich and the wealthy. There are ways to enjoy a luxury vacation in France. You can definitely look for villas to rent in France while you’re there even if you’re on a budget. You just have to be knowledgeable on how you can go about it.

Here are some tips on how you can enjoy your France vacation in luxury despite being on a budget.

Tips for Luxury Travel to France While on a Budget - Make the preparation of the travel a serious deal

Not everyone can afford a France vacation by impulse. If the rich can just immediately decide on a trip, it is the opposite for middle class travelers. It does not mean however that we are not allowed to experience a luxury vacation. It just means that it needs a good amount of planning. Planning would not only mean budgeting or looking for resources to manage the expenses of travel. It also means research on all the possible means to to get deals, like in airfare or looking for nice and even luxury accommodations like a French villa.

Tips for Luxury Travel to France While on a Budget - Have access to latest discounts for travel accommodations through membership of travel mailing lists and online travel discount groups

During the preparation, the best way to gain access to great accommodation deals like luxury villas in France is to be a member or subscriber of travel mailing lists. It would also be a great suggestion to research French villas online and see if you can get discounts if you book early.

Tips for Luxury Travel to France While on a Budget - Travel with a group

Make this an oppportunity to reunite with siblings, or friends who are already working or residing in other parts of the country. Make this an organized vacation. That’s why preparation should be taken seriously. Moreover, traveling with a group can turn an expensive vacation into a cost-effective one. The whole group can rent a villa and split the expenses on accommodations, food and everything else. Aside from a fun vacation, you can definitely bring back important relationships with the people you consider important yet don’t see as much anymore.
If you have sisters, brothers, or friends who just live close to you, and would like to organize this vacation to France with you, then that would be a good thing too. Planning will become easier.

Tips for Luxury Travel to France While on a Budget - Create a travel fund with the group of people you’re going with to France

This might just be the best idea ever to make the luxury travel expenses not as heavy as they should be. Having a travel fund will let you enjoy France and a luxury villa without the worries of expenses always hovering over you.

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