The Best Italian Resorts to Visit on an Affordable Budget

Sun, Aug 12, 2012


Italy has been and still is one of the countries which features on the “places to visit list” for many travellers and holidays seekers. This comes as no surprise, since Italy can satisfy all type of travellers, with the rich history, accomplished arts and fashion, religious pilgrimage and a vast landscape that when combined with all the rest makes it natural to offer a unique experience to the visitor.

As with many holidays, one can make the decision of either fit them to a budget or make the budget fit to the holiday’s experience you want. For the former, if the budget is set quite low than it is best to avoid peak travelling times, consider short breaks or cheaper accommodation types like hostels or camping. For the latter, you allow more time to build a budget, while still considering some the points mentioned earlier. For example Directline Holidays low deposit, starting from Ł25 per person, can be a good way of confirming your holiday arrangements before they get too expensive and pay over the time the rest of the holiday. Now that we have sorted the payment out here are what to look for visiting in Italy.

The Best Italian Resorts - Venice, Rome and Milan

Three cities that will take you back on its unique way. If the budget allows it visit the three in a triangle train journey. Venice world renowned architecture, surrounded by water and romantic “gondolas” will certainly fascinate you. Rome perhaps has the most sightseeing per meter square then anything out there. A walk from the Coliseum, the Trevi Fountain to the Vatican City should not take more than 1 hour if you completely ignored the 100 things in between. Milan it’s the most cosmopolitan city of Italy, but if fashion is your thing here you will find the best shops and the “Ultima Moda

The Best Italian Resorts - Sicily

One the main islands of Italy, that can portray a rich culture and traditions that across the history has been flavoured with Arabian and Greek, that is evident not only on the characteristic architecture and folklore, but mostly in the dishes and variety of delicious food here. With a great choice of beaches and thing to do in Sicily one cannot ask for more once he lands here.

The Best Italian Resorts - Lakes and Mountains

In the north of Italy you will find that the mountains ranges of the Apennine and the Ligurian Alps offer a range of winter resorts that would satisfy even experienced skiers. If you love nature then the Italian lakes should be on your list of places to visit. The most renowned are Lake Como, Lake Lugano and Lake Maggiore, and because they are so popular you are bound to find a deal that fits your budget there. For more information on the Italian lakes or to find holidays there then click here.

The Best Italian Resorts - The Amalfi Coast

Probably one of the prettiest places on earth and favourite place of holidays not only for foreign visitors but Italians themselves and stars vouch for this. The views from the Amalfi coast are spectacular and breathtaking. Perhaps of most know of the resorts here is Sorrento, but if you like history head to the ruins of Pompei, a city petrified in time by the very own volcano of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79.

*This is a guest post by Ervin Cenmurati. He is a travel consultant and knows Italy very well, having spent a year travelling from North to South.

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