Stay in an Ice or Snow Hotel in Lapland

Sat, Nov 16, 2013


Ice hotels are not mere options for accommodation in touristy places, they are complete destinations, especially for those visiting Lapland. If you stay in an ice or snow hotel in Lapland, you wake up to the diffused light of fiber optics at dawn. You are surrounded with ice – some that is present in the intricate designs of furniture and surrounding sculptures and some that is present in the massiveness of solid blocks comprising the walls, ceilings and floors. True that the room you stay in will have a consistent temperature of 23 or even 17 degrees Fahrenheit, true that you will be resting in sleeping bags placed on ice slabs draped in reindeer skin but that is not all. At an ice hotel, you will have the privilege of using everything you need and all of it will be made from ice and snow.

To put it simply, even though ice hotels look rather extravagant and lavish, they basically function like oversized igloos. While solid blocks of ice are used to create the exteriors of these formidable, larger-than-life structures, intricately designed, petite pieces are used to create the interiors. Colourful lighting inside ice hotels transforms a frigid arctic dwelling into a palace where everything glitters, and this is bound to make your stay magical. The ice bar, ice chapel, ice utensils and ice furniture that you have access to inside an ice hotel, will offer you a feel that no other kind of accommodation in Lapland can match. TheWhiteCircle.com, in particular, has a wealth of amazing igloo-like options.

Most ice hotels in Lapland are situated near rivers where workers draw water, freeze the water into ice, cut the ice into large blocks before trucking them into place. Extensively built ice hotels that have a large capacity require approximately five to six weeks for construction. As spring approaches around April, all this work melts away and the hoteliers have to wait till September to start reconstruction.

Even though earlier, ice hotels intended to cater to only those tourists who took a keen interest in novelties and unusual environments, today they have acquired the status of destination hotels, and they have done so in their own right. Travelers no longer want to stay in lodgings close to tourist attractions; they want to be in the midst of it all. People who have already had the privilege of staying at an ice hotel often describe the experience as exhilarating. So if you plan to visit Lapland for your next vacation, make sure to stay at an ice or snow hotel.

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