Northern Lights Hunting Trip Preparation

Sat, Jan 11, 2014


The Northern Lights, also called Aurora Borealis in atmospheric science, are spectacular lights, which everyone would wish to have a gaze at them. Many would like to have spend the holidays by having a hunting trip to view the natural beauty that silhouettes the sky brought about by the incredible lights. Hunting of the Northern Lights is necessary because it is not a guarantee that you will have a good sight of the lights during your visit. There are tips you should have before commencing a hunting trip to the North to view the Northern Lights. Below are some of the basics (more at www.theaurorazone.com/) you are required to know while preparing for your trip to have a better view of this natural phenomena.

Choose a Perfect Location

Obviously, to stand a better chance of seeing the lights, you have to choose a perfect destination that is as far North as possible where light pollution is minimal. You can achieve this through a number of ways. For example, you can visit a place like Inari, Finnish Lapland. The place is beautiful free from pollution and its remoteness means that you can quickly find a place to view the amazing sky. You could also visit a big city like Tromso, Norway where you could have a small trip to a remote area away from the city pollution where you could view the lights.

Visit at the Correct Time

Not all times of the year are suitable for paying a glimpse to the Northern Lights. During the summer months, there exists very little darkness even during the night time. Thus, you can best hunt the lights between the months of September and March. The two equinoxes are in fact the best months of seeing the lights. Scientists link the Northern Lights to the Sunspot activity hence by tracking the Sunspot occurrence they are able to know the months the lights are intense. So during the years of Sunspots, the lights are clearer and it forms the best time for anyone hunting the lights to have a proper gaze.

Choose the Right Clothing

Lastly, you obviously know that hunting for the Northern Lights means that you are advancing towards the polar North. This is practical during winter and whether you are at Norway, Finland, Sweden or even anywhere else where you can view the lights’ it is automatically going to be cold. Thermal clothing is preferred and put in mind to use layers once you get there.

Remember that you can either hunt the Lights as an individual or as group. Hunting of the Northern Lights, as a group is fun and quite memorable. As an individual or a group, the aforementioned factors are very important if you want to have a remarkable experience and they should form the basics of your trip preparation.

And if you’re in need, check out some tips for viewing the Aurora!

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