How to Waste Your Money Before Going On Vacation

Sat, Aug 11, 2012

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Waste money before vacation – how can I do that?

This is a very good question that can set you straight and clear on your vacation plans. It is often easy to overlook the ways in which you can save a buck here and there, but it is a different story when you put yourself in a position to waste money and get into the how-to of it all. Call it crazy and absurd, but meditating on this question works well for the self-conscious, intentional traveler. Here are some of the things you can do to waste your money big time.

How to Waste Your Money Before Going On Vacation: No Vacation Planning

Of course vacations can be better with spontaneity and free, loose schedules but if you truly care about minding your budget, the one and only good way to go is to plan ahead! Without a plan you can waste money on your hotel booking, your plane tickets, your car rentals, your taxi fares around town, even the amount and weight of your luggage. With today’s very competitive travel and leisure industry it is very easy to be robbed of hundreds, even thousands of dollars on one trip. Plan ahead where you want to go, get into local maps, plan your trips around the cities you want to visit, get a look of the places through a local’s eye, and take advantage of cheap holiday deals. This way you get to have the best beaches, the best hotels, and the best local gastronomic experiences – for less!

How to Waste Your Money Before Going On Vacation: Not learning and researching for the trip

Many people refuse to read about the place they want to visit. They think this ruins the surprise and the excitement of it all. But this is completely the opposite. By knowing in advance what to expect you can build an anticipation that can only be relieved when you finally see, smell, taste, and touch the places and things you want to visit and see. Researching for a trip can also give you a clear enough idea of the local culture, social traps to steer clear from, security inputs you cannot miss, places you should probably skip, and so on.

How to Waste Your Money Before Going On Vacation: Travelling on impulse

Starting a vacation on the same day you thought about going can be fun, no doubt about that. But it can also mean facing the consequences of wrong timing. You can easily succumb to tourist peak seasons, paying more for your plane tickets, hotel rooms, and other vacation fees. You can easily waste your money on the same fun and experience which you can get a half the price say a few weeks later. This is one of the best ways how to waste your money before going on vacation. Not to mention the regret of missing a nearby country that offers a unique kind of tropical experience – just because you do not have the money anymore to get there.

How to Waste Your Money Before Going On Vacation: Not preparing for eventualities

Emergencies on vacation can and will happen. The amount of time you spend in preparing for it before you give your vacation a go can make all the difference. You might want to carry extra cash around just in case. You might want to call your credit card company to tell them you are going abroad. The last thing you want is get your card flagged on your first port of call. You can also get your health insurance in order before you go. Getting sick and hospitalized in another country while uninsured is a surefire way to waste your money on vacation – but at least you didn’t spend it back in your hometown!

What do you think? Have you ever planned a dream vacation, only to find that you had spent every last dime by the time you were off the plane? Never found a way home, and now you’re still stuck in that country 15 years later? Let us know below!

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