How To Save Money When Visiting San Francisco

Sat, Nov 3, 2012

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San Francisco is well known for being such a great place to spend a vacation. For some people, when spending a vacation at a wonderful place like San Francisco you will need to spend lots of money. This however is completely untrue, because as long as you know exactly what and what not to do and where to visit, you will be able to have a great vacation even if you’re on a budget. Learning about what you can do to save money when traveling to San Francisco will allow you to enjoy your stay to this city even if you’re trying to save money. So lay back, send your luggage to the hotel ahead of time via rapid parcel for convenience (ever try lugging bags around the Bart Station? It’s a nightmare!), and head over to San Francisco ASAP!

How To Save Money When Visiting San Francisco- Take The Subway

When traveling around San Francisco it is important that you take the subway as supposed to taking the taxi. Riding the taxi can be very expensive, as since you don’t know where to go, you can’t control how high the meter will go. The subway is cheap, convenient, and safe, plus it will allow you to experience how the local San Franciscans get around places. You can really go around the entire San Francisco by riding the subway.

How To Save Money When Visiting San Francisco- Stay At The Motel 6

When on a budget, most people think that they can’t find a nice place to stay for a very cost effective price. One of the best places to spend the night in San Francisco without spending too much money is by staying at the Motel 6. Most people perceive motels to be really dirty and unsafe, but the Motel 6 happens to be quite safe and clean. Unlike most of the regular motels out there, the Motel 6 is quite clean and is very safe to stay at. The best part is that the price to stay there is very affordable, so regardless of your budget, you will afford to stay there.

How To Save Money When Visiting San Francisco- Visit The Gellert Park

The Gellert park is highly popular in San Francisco, as it is completely free to visit. At this park, you can enjoy a nice picnic with your friends and family, play basketball, baseball, and tennis, or even enjoy the nice sunset. You will really have a wonderful time at this place even if you don’t spend any money whatsoever. Even the people with the tightest budgets still enjoy their stay in San Francisco, as you don’t necessarily need to spend much money to enjoy the city.

How To Save Money When Visiting San Francisco -Visit The Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is probably one of the main places that every tourist needs to visit when in San Francisco. The reason to this is that the view from up there is simply breathtaking. The best part about this place is that you won’t have to pay anything just to visit go there.

If you are on quite a tight budget yet you still want to enjoy your stay in San Francisco, then you must implement the tips above into your life. You will definitely have such a great time in San Francisco when you visit the places above and see the entire city cheaply through taking the subway.

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