Guest Post: Partying in Kavos!

Wed, Sep 5, 2012


I like many different kinds of holiday – I like to go sightseeing, I like city breaks where I can shop ’til I drop, I like beach holidays, I like action holidays (sometimes), but there comes a time when I just want to go and party myself out.

If this sounds exactly what you need, then look no further than Kavos, Corfu`s premier party destination!

This isn’t somewhere you?ll find culture – this is literally party central. However, if partying, sun and cheap drinks is what you’re after, with a stunning beach background, then welcome to Kavos!

Flights leave UK airports regularly during summer, and to prepare yourself for the full onslaught of partying, I’d highly suggest you book a pre-holiday relaxation in the form of an airport hotel. As well as this saving money for a fishbowl cocktail is a must – Try Heathrow Parking or East Midlands Airport Parking to save some money on that pricey airport car parking.

Once you land in Corfu, day times should be spent at the beach. The beach is long and sandy, lined with bars and restaurants, which is perfect for a cool refreshment when the sun is beating down. There are many water-sports on offer, including the hilarious banana boat. Give it a go – I loved it!

Kavos itself is pretty much about night-life and the beach, there isn’t a whole lot of culture here, in fact there’s none, and if that’s what you’re wanting I’d suggest you try somewhere else, however for just a taste, head to Corfu Town on one of the regular buses. Here you?ll find beautiful architecture and an Archaeological Museum to explore. I found shopping was also good here, as opposed to in Kavos itself, so grab a bargain or two!

One trip I always go on, no matter what destination, is the boat-trip, so head out for a day sailing around the coastline and fast-tracking that tan. Just remember your hat and sun-cream

Before you really start to party, it’s important to line your stomach, and you’ll find something in Kavos no matter how fussy you are with food. Food here is quite British, but try some traditional cuisine if you can. I always try to do this, it means I?ve at least tried to immerse myself in the local area..even if this means you just grab a Gyros at 3am (don’t know what that is? I wont spoil the surprise!)

Stomach lined, it?s time to hit the town, and you won’t be disappointed. The beach front is lined with bars and clubs, with staff trying to entice you in with their various drinks offers. You’ll find if you take advantage of these offers, you?ll have a very cheap night with offers of 5 drinks for the usual magic price of 5 euros, and 5 shots thrown in if your good at haggling. The party here doesn?t stop at 3am..head along to Atlantis at 4am for a party long into the night and next morning, watching the sun come up whilst partying on this clubs beach terrace here is a must.

One thing’s for sure – this kind of holiday isn’t for the faint-hearted! You’ll come away exhausted but you’ll have had a blast, that much I know. Again don’t forget those little extras like Birmingham Airport Parking you?ll appreciate the money you?ve saved when you see just what you can get in Kavos for that magic amount of 5 Euros!

Guest Post by Molly

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