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Budget Travel Advice

Taking a holiday may just be what you need to relax and refresh yourself and your family. If you plan to take one and are not sure where to go, consider travelling to South America.

South America is a beautiful and astonishing region with countries rooted in French, European and Latin cultures. There are many countries to choose from and the adventure will last you a life time. If you are planning a ski trip, a beach vacation or an adventure holiday in South America you may need to consider several travel tips.

Five Great Budget Travel Tips for South America: Book Special Events in Advance

Book for special events in advance. If you intend to attend special occasions for example Carnival in Sao Paulo Brazil book as early as now. This ensures that you get a cheaper rate. Do not wait to book for the events once you are there since this will cost you even more. It also helps to avoid inconveniences. Remember you want to travel as much as you can on a small budget.

Five Great Budget Travel Tips for South America: Camp It! Backpack it!

Arrange for organized camping or backpacking trips this will ensure that you save up on hotel rates for a few days. There are various places you can go camping in South America. Campervanning is also a great economical way of travelling around if there is a group of you, you can all club together to buy the vehicle and choose the best safeguard motorhome insurance policy for your needs. You can go to the Amazon where you find good guided tours or even visit Peru and hike up to the Machu piccu, the “lost city of the Inka’s.” It is exciting and really economical to make such trips. Remember to take as many photos as possible.

Five Great Budget Travel Tips for South America: Big Hotels? No way

Do not go for the big hotels. They can be very expensive. Instead look for small privately owned hotels that are cheaper and easy to find. When doing your booking look for the word ‘pousada” in the hotel name. This means that the hotel is one of those small less expensive ones. They are comfortable enough for people on holiday. After all you will be out of the hotel most of the time. Hotel rates are a concern for every traveler and this may just save you the expense of big hotels.

Five Great Budget Travel Tips for South America: Duty-Free Makes You Free

Buy duty-free. Make up your mind early in advance on the things you need to purchase. Once you arrive go through the duty-free shop and see whether those items are available. If they are then purchase them duty free before leaving the city. You are able to purchase up to $500 worth of duty free merchandise and at Brazilian airports and$300 in Peru.

Five Great Budget Travel Tips for South America: Plan Everything Deliberately

You can also try other money saving strategies while visiting South America such as: flying round trips whereby you travel to different cities from the same airport this way you are able to get cheap flights. You can also ask for discounts on hotels or even negotiate for a package holiday. You may just end up saving quite a bit of money. Proper planning is however the key to any successful trip. Plan carefully to avoid inconveniences and confirm everything from flights to hotel bookings before you travel just to be sure. While there keep your valuables safe and avoid getting into trouble with the law. Remember you are there to enjoy yourself and any kind of inconveniences will spoil everything.

All the best as you tour South America!

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