Effective Ways On How To Save Money While In Mexico

Wed, Oct 17, 2012

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Mexico is well known for being one of the best countries to spend a vacation when you are on a tight budget. The reason to this is that one U.S. dollar will go quite a long way there. However, for some vacationers, they have the tendency to still spend so much money when traveling to a new country. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to save money and at the same time be able to enjoy Mexico. Whether you are on a tight budget or not, it pays to save as much money possible. Some people have the tendency to unwisely spend money on unnecessary things. Most people think that since one dollar is big in peso that they can spend as much money as they want.

Effective Ways On How To Save Money While In Mexico - Eat At The Street Restaurants

The best way to save money in Mexico is to eat at the street restaurants that are surrounding you. You could get a nice big burrito for as cheap as $3 in Mexico and the best part is that those burritos will taste highly delicious. Just make sure that you check if the restaurant is clean and tidy before buying any food. You can really be able to save lots of money when you buy food from street restaurants instead of actual 5 start restaurants.

Effective Ways On How To Save Money While In Mexico - Buy Souvenirs At Bargain Areas

Buying souvenirs at bargain areas will help you to save lots of money. These bargain places retail really quality Mexican items for a really low price. Bargaining with the sales clerk really isn’t something you need to do, as the items are already very affordable. However, if the sales clerk can speak English, then you could try to bargain with them. You will definitely find neat items when you purchase souvenirs at a bargain area.

Effective Ways On How To Save Money While In Mexico - Take The Public Transportation As Suppose To Taxi

Going on the public transportation as supposed to taking the taxi will also save you lots of extra cash. Taxi drivers will take advantage of tourist customers, as since they know the tourist doesn’t know how to get to places they will continuously drive you to random areas to increase the meter. Taking the bus will help you to save money, plus it is safe as well. Going around Mexico by taking the bus will also allow you to see the country the way the locals see the country.

Effective Ways On How To Save Money While In Mexico - Buy Groceries At The Flee Market

When buying groceries, it is advisable to just visit the flee market. The flee market retails very cheap fresh food which are completely clean. Just be aware that the sales clerks won’t be so great when speaking English. Communicating will be quite tough when talking to some of the Mexicans so just make sure that you try your best to speak in Spanish. If you are interested in having a vacation in Mexico without having to spend so much money, then you must consider to implement the tips above. You will definitely be able to enjoy your stay in Mexico even if you may be on a tight budget.

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