Cutting Communication Costs While Travelling

Thu, Sep 20, 2012

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Travelling is often resorted to, either as a get-away or as an opportunity to explore new regions, people and their cultures, an experience often novel and full of surprises. Quite a few times, these surprises turn out to be not-so-enjoyable, what with your mobile bills turning out to be quite a dampener after a wonderful holiday somewhere away in the Caribbean or in a fancy restaurant in Italy ! Here are a few tips on how these expenses can be curtailed with some planning in advance.

Cutting Communication Costs – Local SIM Card

If you travel to a particular country frequently either for pleasure or for work, buying a local SIM is a good option. There are various international calling cards available today in all the major cities and even smaller towns at times. A pay-as-you-go SIM with a UK number for example can be used in 220 countries. Plus you get a Ł10 credit.

Cutting Communication Costs – Loyalty Schemes

Joining loyalty schemes is another option that gives you package deals whenever you travel and stay in frequent touch with people on similar networks. You have the opportunity of making free calls from Iphone if the other person is on a similar network. Not just does it cut the cost of communication but it also helps you if you happen to get home sick!

Cutting Communication Costs – The Correct Provider

When abroad, normally, mobile phones automatically connect to the network with the strongest signal. However, this may not be the cheapest. Manually choose the right provider for your contract so that you are not charged heftily for using any service. If you need to use the internet on your phone abroad, find free hotspots. You need to change your smartphone settings from data roaming to wifi and get to know where free spots are. Thousands of venues like restaurants and rail stations today are Wi-Fi hotspots where you can easily access the Internet and at minimal cost!

Cutting Communication Costs – Pre-paid Phone Cards

Another option available is pre-paid phonecards. They will often be the cheapest way to use local landlines, or even mobile phones, to make international calls. A voice over internet protocol system is even better as it allows you to make cheap calls over a computer network at home or at work. All you need is a landline and an internet connection. The benefits of using Skype are well known, but video call apps are also worth a try. Apple fans can use Facetime to make free video calls. Fring is a free app that can set up group calls on Apple, Android and Symbian devices which Skype charges for. Unless urgent, avoid using the Hotel Calling facility. If they offer VoIP, you could arrange for an incoming call. This will turn out to be much cheaper. Incoming texts are even better as most of the time, they are free. VoIP services even often offer free online texting. Avoid calls where you can help it!

Cutting Communication Costs – Hotel Wi-Fi

Sometimes, hotels offer a free Wi-Fi service. If you do a bit of research before reserving for the big holiday, this simple measure can be real cost-effective. Some travel management companies negotiate this while offering you a package ! These are a few tips that will make your holiday cost-effective along with it being a memorable experience, all the while helping you stay in touch with your near and dear ones !

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