Budget Tips to Find a Dream Provence Villa Rental

Tue, Nov 13, 2012


Find a dream Provence villa rental

If you’re searching for how to find a dream Provence villa rental on the Internet, then you have come to the right place. We know it’s most important to find budgetary tricks and tips to help you out in getting your dream villa at an attractive price in Provence. Really, Provence has been a fantastic place to get great villas that are equipped with all the amenities one could dream of when renting a vacation home. The beautiful region of Provence is rich with natural beauty, and the place is great for vacationing. In the Provence region of France, you will find beautiful countryside, fine wines, lavenders, markets and off course the sunshine. You can also usually employ some smart planning to find cheap flights. However, you must keep in mind some points that are necessary to keep in mind if you want to get a villa on rental basis in Provence. Here we take a look at eight tips to keep in mind when looking to book a dream Provence villa rental.

1. Seek advice from a holiday accommodation specialist, because he or she might have good contacts in Provence.  A specialist can help you get your dream villa with all the amenities in Provence at the best price.

2. Log onto the Internet and search for villas on rental basis in Provence. Through this effort, you would know many agencies that provide villas on rental basis. You can check their portfolios, and you can select a villa through a more informed decision-making process, rather than having to choose blindly.

3. Ask your friends or colleagues who visited Provence. They can give you wonderful advice about getting affordable rental villas in Provence.

4. Also, before getting your rental villa in Provence from an agency, you need to know whether the agency has good feedback from the people who have used its services. You can get this from their websites, where they publish people’s opinions about the services they offer.

5. Make sure you check out information not only about the villa itself, but also its terrain and surroundings. Is it fenced in and therefore safe for pets? Does it have any potential dangers for young children? What’s nearby? These are all important questions to ask.

6. Ask for pictures of the interior of the villa you’re looking to rent. This must be done well in advance, because most of the agencies do not show interiors in their portfolios.

7. Do not pay for your dream villa without checking pros and cons of the deal. First, you need to select a few villas that suit your requirements, and then you should compare them to find one that is the most beautiful and affordable as well. While every villa may be beautiful, you want to find the right fit for you.

8. Read about Provence and what the area has to offer. Depending on what kind of activities you’re looking to participate in, your villa rental decision may change to be nearer or farther away from certain attractions.

Photo Credit: Alpes de Haute Provence 

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