Budget London: Five Brilliant Ways To Experience The Big Smoke

Sun, Aug 26, 2012

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budget London

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London is a dream destination for many but the thought of costly excursions and entrance fees can be off-putting. It doesn’t have to be this way though, there are brilliant alternatives to enjoy London on a budget.

Setting forth for the British capital is exciting to say the least. Youcompare flights, book, pack your bags and you’re away. But then what? And how do you do it one the cheap? Here are some recommendations to keep your London trip a leading one!

Budget London: Parks

There are many parks and gardens in London to enjoy for free.

The amount of green spaces that London has to offer is part of the city’s appeal. Kensington and Hyde Park combine to form arguably the most spectacular space thanks to the landmarks, scenery and wildlife. You can spend hours watching the birds on the Serpentine, admiring the sculptures around the gardens and getting closer to Britain royal heritage by seeing Kensington Palace, the Diana memorial fountain and Albert memorial – all without spending a penny.

Budget London: Royal Sights

Continue the royal connection at Buckingham Palace.

Just a stone’s throw from Hyde Park down Constitution Hill lays one of Europe’s most iconic buildings – Buckingham Palace. Tours within the palace are costly and difficult to come by in certain seasons but the majesty of the building and the tradition of the ‘Changing of the Guard’ can be enjoyed for free at any time of year, particularly from the beautiful surroundings of St James Park or with a stroll down the infamous Mall.

Budget London: Squares

Enjoy a budget London afternoon in Trafalgar Square.

Another world famous landmark in the centre of this extraordinary city is Trafalgar Square; a busy plaza most famous for Nelson’s Column but home to so much more. Once you have had your picture taken with the bronze lions in the square why not head next door into the National Gallery and see the original sketches by the artist that created them. This gallery is arguably London’s finest yet it does not charge admission. What could be better than enjoying the world’s masterpieces in a unique area of London for free?

Budget London: History

There is more to Westminster than Big Ben.

Westminster is an area that will always be well known because of it links to Parliament and the Abbey used in the royal wedding, but rather than spend a fortune on entrance fees to see where the action took place you could instead enjoy the architecture and surroundings for free. Westminster is a hive of political activity and you can learn so much about our leaders and traditions by watching the protests on parliament square, marvelling at the government buildings and soaking up the atmosphere.

Budget London: Major Attractions

The numerous delights of the Southbank and Thames.

Running parallel to the Houses of Parliament is the Thames and the Southbank, an area now dominated by the London Eye. Some would say a trip on this wheel is the best way to see the sights but for a fraction of the price you can cruise along the waters and see an array of landmarks like the Tower of London, Tate Modern, Globe Theatre and HMS Belfast at close range. Another way to enjoy this area on a budget is a simple walk along the Southbank where you can experience a more youthful and artistic side of London culture.

This is just a taste of what can be achieved on a budget London trip.

As you can see, there are many ways for visitors on a budget to enjoy the sights for next to nothing and still experience the city at its best. Hopefully this penny-pinching guide to the highlights of central London has informed you and inspired you to plan a budget London trip all of your own.

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