Before looking at caravans for sale, consider which type is right for you

Wed, Apr 25, 2012

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Caravanning in the UK remains one of the most popular ways to enjoy a short break. But what should we be looking for when looking for caravans for sale?

The different types of caravan and caravan sites.

There’s the mobile touring caravan, the static caravan, and there’s also the rental of a static caravan. Whether or not one of those is right for you, largely depends on where you live, family size and how you are aiming to get to your caravan site. It also depends on the location of the site and how many times per year you will be visiting.

Static caravans

Generally, you can find static caravans for sale for bargain prices. Be aware though that the caravans may need to be in very good condition, as some site owners are very selective about which caravans they allow on site. They tend to like uniformity, so it can be a good idea to check out the site first and have a look around before making a purchase.

Some sites will offer static caravans for sale nearby, that are approved for the site. Then it’s just a simple case of keeping the caravan maintained. The site will then be paid a small ground rental fee in exchange for keeping your caravan on the site, as well as some of the upkeep of the area.

This is ideal for people who regularly go away for the spring/summer months, and wish to keep coming back to their favourite place, year after year.

The key points to note when looking at static caravans for sale are site uniformity, comfort, on-suite bathrooms, plumbing and electrics.

Touring caravans

If you’re looking for caravans for sale, but you have a slightly more nomadic spirit, then a touring caravan can be a great idea. Bear in mind though that you will need a large engine vehicle capable of towing a caravan, and some people are not comfortable driving with a caravan attached.

Touring can be one of the cheaper options. With fees as low as £5 per night at places like Park Holidays UK.

Touring sites can also be a bit less choosy over the types of caravan they have at the site. And it’s ideal for the family who like to see different parts of the UK every year. Generally, additional facilities will be available at some touring sites like showers and toilets, that may not be available at some static sites (because they are usually contained in the caravan).

The key points to note when looking at touring caravans for sale are size, weight, electrics, axles and towing safety

Renting a caravan

Renting a caravan can be the best option for those who may not have enough money saved up to start looking for caravans for sale. It’s also a good option for those who regularly holiday abroad, but wish to see more of Britain for a short time instead. Sometimes the rental holiday will come as a package deal, which allows the free-use of other facilities such as; swimming pools. As with static caravans, it’s also ideal for those who are uncomfortable driving a caravan, or do not have a vehicle capable of towing a caravan.

The key points to note when looking for a caravan rental holiday are expense vs. staying in a hotel or B&B. Site location and on-site facilities.

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