Affordable Extended Stays Abroad

Sat, Aug 18, 2012

Australia, Mexico, North America, Philippines

If you are looking to simply get out and live in a new environment, then you most likely have thought about finding a country that you can enjoy and not have to spend a fortune. Trying to find the best cheap countries to live in for a year might seem like a difficult task but there are a few places that you truly need to consider. Going on a new adventure might be very scary at first, but it is all about learning more about the current economy in that particular country and making sure that you have some enjoyable things to do. Here are three of the most affordable countries out there that you can consider moving to for at least a year.

Affordable Extended Stays in Australia

This is by far one of the most overlooked countries in the world in terms of affordable, extended stays. Australia is a beautiful country One-year housing is amazingly cheap in Australia – perhaps not in Sydney, but in the suburbs of Melbourne. (If you want house and land packages, Mernda is the place to go, and not so far away there are plenty of houses for sale in craigieburn.) It is, on the whole, a very relaxing country in a beautiful country that has a nightlife you will never get sick of.

Affordable Extended Stays in Philippines

In South East Asia, there is no other country that is rising as fast as the Philippines. Living in a condominium located near a very nice area is very affordable and you will be in a very safe place. Most people tend to be scared of the Philippines but this is certainly not a problem. It is a safe and very accommodating country that will surprise you as the days go by. People from all over the world are now moving to the Philippines to find a good paying job that will lead to more opportunities. Once you are able to take a few days off, you should really consider going to the white sand beaches for a relaxing time.

Affordable Extended Stays in Mexico

Mexico is a country that has drawn a lot of people from North America to simply go south and enjoy the budding economy. The nice thing about Mexico is that it is very close to America and so it happens to be a go-to destination for companies that want to one day expand to bigger countries like the United States and Canada. One of the nicest things about Mexico is that you are just a few hours away from great cities like San Diego and Los Angeles.

These are only a few of the countries that you should consider when looking to move and these are the ones that need your attention. However, either of these countries is a great choice and you will not regret moving there. Though all three are among the most affordable and enjoyable, Australia will be the country that easily stands out as the country of choice. If you are looking for the best country to move to for a year, then Australia is your place to go to.

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