5 Great Budget Travel Tips for Oceania

Tue, Jul 17, 2012

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Oceania is a vast region surrounded by the pacific ocean and has beautiful coral reefs, rugged volcanic islands, white beaches and lots of coconut palms. The countries in oceania include New Zealand, Australia and papua New Guinea. It also includes the island nation groups of Polynesia, Melanesia and Micronesia. Taking a holiday in Oceania simply means a vacation in paradise. These countries that make oceania are considered as the most beautiful ecosystems, breath taking landscapes and natural wild life in the world. If you decide to have your holiday there, then you may need to consider some travel tips so as to save a bit of your money.

Great Budget Travel Tips for Oceania: Off-Peak Seasons Only!

Plan your holiday for the off-peak season. It is summer in oceanic between the months of December and February. Temperatures then are high and ideal for the beach. This just means that you will need to pay an extra dollar for flights and accommodation. You may need to travel between June and August and you can enjoy skiing. However some islands can be visited all year round for example French Polynesia, Fiji, and the cook island. Travel during the off season and get good deals.

Great Budget Travel Tips for Oceania: Public Transportation

While on holiday in Oceania try using buses to travel from one point to another. Though it is easier to travel by air, it is quite costly. These buses are reliable, comfortable and fairly cheap compared to air travel. You can as well rent your own car or take a taxi. You can even rent bicycles. There are provisions for free parking so look for them and save a bit. Also avoid speeding tickets. Always stick to the speed limits because you won’t be let off the hook simply because you are on holiday.

Great Budget Travel Tips for Oceania: Don’t Be a Tourist

There are places in oceanic that you can visit for free or pay very little. These places and activities include: taking coastal walks, visit kuringai national park, Sidney botanical gardens among others. Also look out for sporting exercises that are cheap or even free. Fro example Noosa longboard festival, cricket, rugby league, AFL Aussie rules and horse riding.

Great Budget Travel Tips for Oceania: More Expensive Doesn’t Mean Better

If you decide to shop, look out for places that are cheaper and easily accessible. These could be shopping malls that are near train lines or a well connected with public transport or factory outlets that will allow you to shop cheaply. If you need to surf cheaply, the gold coast always has plenty of excellent, cheap second hand boards for sale. To watch a movie in large air conditioned cinemas look out for the cheap tickets on ‘cheap Tuesdays’.

Great Budget Travel Tips for Oceania: Spend Wisely on Food and Drink

Do not spend a fortune on food and drink. You can get cheap but good food in oceanic. You can go for water refills at public bubblers rather than spend $2.50 per bottle. You can also buy your food at a fraction of the price from joints at the shopping mall if you go there when it is almost closing time. If you need to eat out go for lunch rather than dinner. Lunch menus in oceania are cheaper than dinner ones.

Enjoy your holiday!

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