5 Great Budget Travel Tips for Africa

Fri, Feb 1, 2013

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If you are planning to travel to Africa, keep in mind that plateau continent can be costly, but is also astonishingly cheap. Africa happens to be a budget destination when it comes to the cost of accommodation, day to day living and transport. However, the overall adventure activities, safaris and wildlife viewing can get quite costly. If you travel in Africa on a budget, you will end up spending about $1400 in a month, which is quite reasonable. All you need to do is go through the following guidelines and plan your trip to Africa according to the following 5 great budget travel tips for Africa.

Great Budget Travel Tips for Africa: Use Public transport

If you intend to travel to some big African city such as Cape Town, then traveling by one of the city’s public transport modes like buses and trains will allow you to save money. If you are traveling to an outlying area in Africa, then driving is a better and cheaper option than renting a car, or another alternative is to rent a taxi for the day. If you want to travel to Cairo, then there is a fantastic metro system that you can take advantage of, but avoid traveling to Cairo by bus, as buses can be a bit daunting and overcrowded.

Great Budget Travel Tips for Africa:Take Walking and Bus Tours

If you want to keep yourself busy for most of the day in bigger cities like Capetown and Johannesburg without spending too much, you will find budget-minded bus and walking tours. This way, you will also become familiar with the city, its architectural wonders, its culture and its history. If you really want to make the best of your budget holiday, then taking cheap tours is an ideal way of doing so.

Great Budget Travel Tips for Africa:Book round-trip

If you trip to Africa includes traveling to various African countries or cities, then make sure that by the end of your vacation, you leave from the same city you arrived in at the beginning. The price of one-way flight tickets is much costlier than booking round-trip and you will save a lot more money too.

Great Budget Travel Tips for Africa:Consider a package deal

For your trip to Africa, you will find a variety of interesting package deals. If you want to go on a safari, you will find numerous package deals with a safari trip included in them. If your vacation to Africa includes a visit to various African cities, again you will find some of the finest deals, which include airfare, hotel, and at times, even guided tours. You might have to spend additional time to find out what’s available out there, but it will be worth it.

Great Budget Travel Tips for Africa:Travel last minute

If you have that long spontaneous nature that has remained untapped, now is the time you tap into it and book a budget holiday at the last minute, particularly during off-season. If you book in advance, you won’t be able to take advantage of wonderfully cheap last minute package deals and flight tickets that are generally available.

Terrific diversity is available to travelers in Africa, from ancient villages, beaches, game parks, hikes, jungles and safaris. These mentioned 5 great budget travel tips for Africa will help you save quite a lot of money, yet you will have a memorable vacation in the plateau continent.

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