4 Budget Travelling Tips for Kenya

Sat, Oct 13, 2012

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Kenya offers many attractions for budget travelers. It has sandy beaches, savannah grasslands full of wild animals including the big five cats, a rich and vibrant indigenous cultural attraction and affordable accommodation in all its towns and cities. Budget travelers also benefit from the countries relatively low household income in the majority of the population. This influences the cost of most services and goods. A traveler can see most of Kenya, taste its food, interact with its people, and use various transport methods like train, and buses. Here are four budget travelling tips for Kenya.

4 Budget Travelling Tips for Kenya - Choose a budget airline to leave more money for future expenditure

When the destination is a budget location, there is no point of spending too much money on expensive air tickets on a business class flight. Go with a budget airline and choose the most affordable option for flying to Kenya. If you have to connect, flights to realize a significant saving then do it. The goal is to have as much funds as it is possible to enjoy the county you are visiting.

4 Budget Travelling Tips for Kenya - Camp when you are out of the city to save on accommodation costs

City accommodation is normally affordable because hotels and guesthouses can still get high number of people even when they charge low prices. The situation is different in resorts that are located in tourist location or just far away from cities and towns. These resorts must factor in the service costs that they accrue in their remote location. In addition, their guest supply is not constant throughout the year. They have to rely on seasons.

Avoiding the high remote resort costs of accommodation is possible for a well-informed budget traveler who carries his or her camping gear. The traveler can check into a camping site that charges a nominal daily fee or just camp in an open area away from any kind of traffic. Camping is adventurous and adds to the appeal of a touring experience.

4 Budget Travelling Tips for Kenya - Rent a bike to save on cab fare

For someone flying from Europe or the US to Kenya, having a bike as part of the luggage could be impractical. Several car-hiring companies in the country also offer rental services for bikes. Pick a bike once you get to the country, and use it to move around the cities and towns. In case there is, need to cover a large distance, take public transport means such as buses or train that can accommodate the bike. Cycling is good because it saves money, keeps you healthy, and provides an intimate interaction with the place that you are visiting.

4 Budget Travelling Tips for Kenya - Find a local guide

It may sound like counterproductive to advice a budget traveler to find a guide; however, as a the best way to know how to save on travel costs, meals and accommodation, for a new person in a strange land, is to get a local who understands the area. An economic sense exists in the decision to spend a little to get the information that leads to large savings. The guide is also important in advising the traveler about security and regulatory issues.

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