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Mexico and Budget Travel: Everyone Wins!

September 23, 2010
by budgettravelsac

Guest post by Mark Mendiola Guerra

Mexico and budget travel (used with permission - copyright

Over the years, Mark has developed a love for the country of Mexico.  Growing up in Texas with a Mexican and Spanish heritage, his love for all things Mexican and Spanish started young.  When he was a kid, Mark didn’t have the opportunities to travel much growing up in a small town.  Hence his love for Mexico and budget travel are in his roots.  Mark shares his thoughts on two of his passions here.

Special note:  At the time of this post, Mark is currently in Mexico celebrating Mexico’s bicentennial in Mexico City and other destinations.  In honor of Mexico’s bicentennial, celebrate with Mexico travel deals for Fall and Winter.

Budget travel: everyone wins!

I’m sure the economic nosedive has affected the travel habits of many out there!  It hasn’t really affected mine though!  No, it’s not because I have “deep pockets”, a rich uncle or am a “trust-fund” baby…gosh, I wish…ha ha!!   I’ve just always maintained a VERY frugal approach when I travel.  Nothing new!  I also see “budget travel” neatly coinciding with my ethics and more in sync with my desire to make a contribution at the “local level”.

Mexico, I‘ve found, provides so many of these places where I can impact the “mom & pop” establishments in a positive way and save money at the same time.  Whether it’s eating at a family-run taco stand or staying at a small, tucked-away hotel, they are all there in abundance and not a challenge to find.

Because I rarely opt to take the “luxury” route in seeking accommodations, all-inclusive resorts, restaurants…etc., I find that this fits well with my wish to engage and immerse myself with the community. This also allows me to pursue my personal choice for “independent” travel and not be clumped along with the masses.

So, for me, it’s a win-win approach that allows me to streamline my travel costs and simultaneously help out the “mom & pops” out there.  After all, I feel that these are the establishments that need the most help, and quite often, provide THE best a place has to offer in the way of service and experience.  What’s not to like about this, especially if we desire to leave our mark and make things better for our hosts AND us…everyone comes out a winner!

Is this philosophy universal?  Maybe not!  I understand people have different tastes and goals when they travel, but I do see things changing if the economy worsens.  And this may just prompt some to seek out those “bargain” places and businesses and not be regretful that they did so.

Mark Mendiola Guerra is a third-generation Texan living in the San Francisco Bay Area for over a decade now. He holds a Liberal Arts degree from the University of Texas at Austin and has used it quite efficiently over the years to build an impressive path of job-hopping, as he puts it. His past jobs have called on him to do a multitude of things from real estate, social work, construction, to acting and writing, most recently. Feeling most connected with his writing, he wishes to blend that with another passion: Mexico!

Mark has traveled to over 20 states throughout Mexico and loves the culture, people and history so much that he recently created his own site, Mexico Unmasked, to share, exchange, and engage others in a positive dialogue about the country. You can also find him tweeting away as planetnomad.

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