Quick Tips on How to Save Money for a Trip Anywhere

Fri, Jul 27, 2012

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Tips on How to Save Money for a Trip

The idea of taking a trip can be daunting in harsh economic times. But what most people don’t know is that even with a low salary it is possible to save enough cash for a dream trip to any destination. Intent on learning? Check out some of these quick tips on how to save money for a trip anywhere. And to keep your month-to-month savings in earnest (AKA actually SAVE the money you’re saving), might we recommend We Know Savings? You don’t even need to show up in person to proceed – you only need visit them at their site.

Tips on How to Save Money for a Trip:Lower Your Monthly Bills

Reducing your utility bills does not mean living like a creature from pre-history. Simple tricks like unplugging appliances that use power even when they are switched off makes for huge power savings. Hair dryers use a lot of power, allowing your hair to air-dry rather than blow-drying means that you can make savings too!

Tips on How to Save Money for a Trip:Quit Smoking

Individuals who smoke 1 packet a day spend about $5-8 on cigarettes every time. Cutting down or quitting completely is not only healthy for you but also for your wallet.

Tips on How to Save Money for a Trip:Carry Your Own Lunch to Work

One of the best ways to save money for a trip, making extra food at dinner and packing the leftovers for next day’s lunch means that you get to save from $6-10 a day. A sizable amount in one year!

Tips on How to Save Money for a Trip:Leave Your Car at Home

Cars consume a lot of gasoline as you go to and from work each day. Opting to take the bus, bike or walk to work can all help raise important travel funds.

Tips on How to Save Money for a Trip:Eliminate Your Caffeine Addiction

Undoubtedly you can do better with the $3-$6 you would spend on a coffee each day from Starbucks. But if you don’t think you can part with caffeine completely you could always switch to home brewed drinks.

Tips on How to Save Money for a Trip:Enroll At Your Local Library

Knowledge is power; but power does not always come cheaply! As new books cost a fair bit, reduce your reading expenses by heading to your local library and taking advantage of available books there rather than shopping for new ones.

Tips on How to Save Money for a Trip:Cut Down on Spa and Salon Treatments

Reducing your salon and spa costs does not mean that you have to let go of your good looks. There are many options you can take to avoid risking beauty while still saving money. Stretching the time between dye jobs, hair cuts and waxes is one way to go, as is using the services of students who work under a supervisor since they charge much less than ordinary stylists.

Tips on How to Save Money for a Trip:Buy or Sell at Second Hand Shops

Reinvent your wardrobe by taking some of the old clothes to a second hand vendor and trade them in for new clothes or leave with cold hard cash. This can often save you between $100-1000 annually.

Tips on How to Save Money for a Trip:Do Away with Cable TV

Cable TV can cost between $40-$100 in a month. Do away with it and stick to the basic channels and often you can save up to $500 per year.

Tips on How to Save Money for a Trip:Look Out for Giveaways and Reward Schemes

Many business often offer rewards and giveaways to loyal customers on their products. Set up an email account for eateries, bars and shops which offer discounts to clients in their mailing list and you can often save, but still live well, continuing to do the things you love.

Have any other tips on how to save money for a trip? Share your thoughts below!

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  1. Mni says:

    Smart phones tend to use a lot of electricity as well when charging. So sticking to a normal phone or charging at a friends house will save you loads… lol

  2. basnet07 says:

    If we all family are going everywhere than we save our money, we don’t spend too much money, and also we don’t have keep too much money in our pocket.

  3. Mudassher Husain says:

    You can read the news paper at office which also can cut your personal news paper bills.

  4. sagun says:

    The tips written on this post are really helpful . Using these tips can really help to reduce our costly daily life and save some money to future . With saving money we can do many thing like traveling .

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