How to Save Money On Board Your Cruise Ship

Mon, Oct 1, 2012

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When it comes to the perfect holiday, cruises are routinely considered to be the best option for those who are trying to relax, visit a number of different destinations at once and still avoid several trips to the airport or train station. Although there are countless advantages to taking a cruise holiday, there are also some drawbacks. The biggest for most individuals is simply the price. A cruise ship holiday may be affordable, but it is very easy to spend more than you expect while on board. To save money on your next cruise ship holiday, use these six helpful tips throughout your journey.

How to Save Money On Board Your Cruise Ship - Buy Drink Cards or Passes Upfront

One of the biggest expenses for travellers on a cruise ship is the cost of drinks. Although your meals might be part of the inclusive package, it is rare that sodas, wines or liquors are part of that deal. After several days at sea, the cost of even non-alcoholic drinks can add up in a hurry. Consider buying a drink pass, which gives you unlimited drinks during the cruise. If you travel with children who drink lots of juice or soda, you will find this to be a good investment.

How to Save Money On Board Your Cruise Ship - Stick to Included Restaurants and Menus

Although there are likely several restaurants and special menus included in your cruise package, most ships also offer specialty meals or upscale restaurants for an additional charge. It is usually best to save your money and stick with the free meal that has already been paid for.

How to Save Money On Board Your Cruise Ship - Avoid Duty Free Shopping Onboard

Duty free shopping can be tempting, but remember that any money saved on the taxes is usually made up by the cruise operator’s increased prices. Only buy items that you know are substantially cheaper than in your area, and remember that heavy items that weigh down your suitcase could result in extra luggage fees on the way home.

How to Save Money On Board Your Cruise Ship - Research Internet and Mobile Phone Costs In Advance

Using your mobile phone for just a few minutes each day can add up quickly, so be sure to turn the roaming off or contact your provider in advance to learn about the costs. Also keep in mind that any wireless internet you use onboard might have a cost.

How to Save Money On Board Your Cruise Ship - Enjoy Discounts on Port Days

Take advantage of some of the best specials and discounts for things like spa treatments, specialty restaurant meals and personal training sessions on port days. While everyone else heads to shore for a paid excursion, relax on the ship and have the place to yourself.

How to Save Money On Board Your Cruise Ship - Check Your Running Total at the Front Desk

There are a number of unexpected costs that can arise when you are on a cruise, whether it is a casual weekend getaway or a longer passage on one of the Queen Mary 2 cruises. The best way to deal with them is to ask for a running total of your bill every few days. This will allow you to catch any mistakes as early as possible, and you will have a better chance to adjust your budget for any unexpected costs along the way.

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