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Sun, Aug 5, 2012

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Power pop princess Kelly Clarkson released her fifth album in October, 2011, and with it she proved her singing chops once again. Unlike many pop stars, Clarkson doesn’t rely on gimmicks or burlesque-style stage moves to captivate an audience. She does it through the sheer force of her dynamo voice, while Kelly Clarkson tickets are becoming harder and harder to get your hands on.

Although Clarkson is certainly attractive enough to pull off the vacuous pop diva look, she doesn’t have to. The savvy young singer has the vocal versatility and power to succeed without skimpy attire or excessive stage antics. In her 10 year career, she’s developed the business savvy and thick skin necessary to maintain a career while simultaneously maintaining her sanity.

“Stronger” gets in a few digs at the music industry and the fickle celebrity press. “You Can’t Win” is a laundry list of all the gossip a performer is subjected to. The list is delivered with barely-disguised disgust and more than a touch of wistfulness.

“What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger)” carries on the musical tradition of post-breakup self-empowerment ballads like “I Will Survive,” “Believe” and Clarkson’s own “Since U Been Gone.” Its bouncy beat and lyrical hook is sure to move this tune to every woman’s post-breakup mix CD.

“Dark Side” manages to combine plaintive lyrics with a pretty melody during the verses that belies the raw emotion of the words. The power chorus releases the pain to a rock beat. On the surface, it’s a song about an insecure lover seeking reassurance. On a deeper level, the lyrics are about the fleeting nature of musical success.

Clarkson has begun working on her sixth album, but is running into some musical roadblocks. Her current relationship is going well, so she is having difficulty tapping the well of despair and loneliness that has been a mainstay of her musical success. It is hard for any writer to be passionate about breakups when in the midst of a happy relationship. However, Clarkson is collaborating with Rodney Jenkins on at least one tune for the next album.

She starts a new tour with The Fray on August 16. The tour kicks off in Camden, New Jersey. The itinerary takes the singer across the northeastern quadrant of the U.S. before a stop in Toronto. It then crisscrosses the central and eastern U.S. before departing for Australia for several shows. The tour heads to Europe for performances in Ireland and the United Kingdom before heading back to Australia for a final show. The tour closes in St. Louis December 16.

With 10 years and five top-selling albums under her belt, it’s good to see Clarkson branching out a bit and dipping her toes in other genres. Adding Jenkins to her songwriting team may hint at a foray into a more rhythm and blues sound on the next album. With her powerful pipes, Clarkson could easily transition to blues, R&B or even rock without missing a beat. Kelly Clarkson tickets for most shows are now on sale.

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